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Therapeutic Services

Out of Knowhere is an out-patient therapy facility that has been in operation since May, 2007. We offer a range of wellness services to persons who require assistance in regaining functional independence and we also assist with prevention of and recovery from injury. Our patients are evaluated on their ability to carry out everyday activities. After ascertaining their specific needs and limitations, we develop an individualized treatment plan outlining specific activities and goals to be accomplished. The therapists are also involved in educating the patients, family members and associates (of patients) about proper care and accommodation of the patient, including the use of aids/equipment that may be necessary for rehabilitation. We have a dedicated and caring team of professionals who recognize the importance of therapist-patient relationship. We offer services to patients who have been referred to our facility by their physician and also to patients who simply choose to be evaluated and treated by us. The wellbeing of our patients is priority and our company continues to exist due to our outstanding service and the high level of patient satisfaction.